User’s Feeds

User Feeds and General Feed system is installed on Now users can show-off their feeds on their blogs. i.e. PasteFS feeds on their blogs. So if a user posts on instead, his blog is automatically updated reflecting his/her most recent posts in the timeline.

For example, I placed my feed as a widget on my blog. So, my pastefs stuff is now visible on my blog.


Traffic has been a big problem lately. I’m not getting much traffic, google is de-indexing pastefs at a good pace. And I have no idea why that is happening. Google doesn’t say anything about it.

We’re providing a good service, users are apparently loyal too, but not enough to allow me to put all of my effort into it. I must keep working in the software house I’m working in no matter how difficult my life is there because this pastefs is not working! šŸ™ I have no idea what to do…

PasteFS is not WordPress

So some people asked me this question. And it’s kind of insulting sometimes. That is PasteFS built on wordpress?

I understand they’re not very technical, and I don’t want to brag about things that are running under but no, It’s absolutely not wordpress. This very blog that you’re reading this post from is built on wordpress, but PasteFS is neither wordpress nor any other framework!

Though I’m planning to write some wordpress plugins that will use pastefs as a service in order to make life easier for wordpress users. So stay tuned…

15,000 Posts

Today PasteFS reached 15000 posts. (y)

We are looking forward to more great content from it’s users. Please keep sharing awesome and useful stuff using pastefs.

Our idea about pastefs is to make it a huge library of useful content that could help it’s users in research in every subject.

So please keep posting great stuff that you do!


PasteFS for Doctors

When I was starting up with PasteFS. The reason I started was to make it a huge storage of useful information.

I used to visit sites related to Homeopathy, drug info, diseases and symptoms and prevention etc. Which were extremely helpful and useful. So the idea was/is to store all that information in a reliable way. Because honestly, such info should never go offline.

So I created, but as I’m a programmer and programming is how I earn my living. I can’t post or generate such useful stuff neither am I capable of, because that’s not my knowledge area. But I really really want people to store such useful information on pastefs.comĀ besides any other website.

Doctors create their websites but as they’re not programmers they can’t ensure the reliability of data. If you have a wordpress blog like this, it’s database can crash, the server can crash etc. etc. and lots of evil stuff can happen to them.

The idea is to provide reliability while our users provide useful information. And I want to keep that information safe and updated for us and for our coming generations.

May ALLAH help me with this and make it a truly useful and reliable website for it’s users. A’meen

Getting Started

This is my first post here. I’m thinking about getting this blog along with started as a website on 3rd of June 2015. Previously it was but because of a financial disaster that I was facing, I had to shut it down. I also lost about 1000 posts that were collected over many months.

Anyway, this was a huge project and I couldn’t let it go in vain, so I restarted it with new hopes. Currently is not standing on it’s feet, but I hope it will be in near future.

Hoping for the best.